August 6, 2022 admin

This is a lawful/legal document that shall be taken seriously. Failing to accept it can be seen on reasonable grounds to be in itself, unlawful and therefore appropriate action may be taken against this rejection.

This is a recognised common-Law Document. Its purpose is to inform this Corporation commonly known as VicRoads that they are no longer a lawful owner or keeper of the vehicle listed in the book of deeds at the Common Law Court in Frankston.

The Common-Law Court website would be accessible proof of ownership of this vehicle

The owner of the vehicle listed will continue to pay registration to VicRoads accepting the terms and conditions in relation to vehicle insurance. You can watch a video about vehicle registration here.

Download the document, fill it out and send by e-mail to or post box 4317 Frankston Hight’s VIC 3199. The instructions are on the last page of the document. The document can be downloaded here.