Grand Jury Indictments and Verdicts

Court Order  – Anthony Albanese 25-Mar-2023

Court Order  – Anthony Albanese 25-Mar-2023

Court Order – Rebecca Falkingham & Corri McKenzie 2-May-2023

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Verdict – Rebecca Falkingham & Corri McKenzie 25-Mar-2023

Verdict – Anthony Albanese 15-Nov-2022

Verdict – Daniel Andrews 15-NoV-2022

Verdict – Jeroen Weimar 15-Nov-2022

Verdict – Michael Malouf 15-NoV-2022

Verdict – Simon Cameron, Serena Angius, Shahla Faizi 15-Nov-2022

Verdict – Simon McKeon, Margaret Gardner, Christina Mitchell, Tony Karman 15-NoV-2022

Verdict – Simon McKeon 15-Nov-2022

Verdict – James Warburton 29-MAY-2022

Verdict – Annemarie Kelly 29-MAY-2022

Verdict – Lisa Neville 29-MAY-2022

Verdict – Paul Kearsley 29-MAY-2022

Verdict – Martin Foley 29-MAY-2022

Verdict – Tim Michaelides 20-MAR-2022

Verdict – Lisa Norman 20-MAR-2022

Verdict – Brett Sutton 24-NOV-2021

Verdict – Craig Howard 28 -MAR-2021

An indictment does not mean guilt or innocence, just a case to answer. The next process is a court of a 12 Man jury. Not all of them mentioned will be processed.