September 8, 2021 admin

Our first case was fines Victoria  the CEO was found guilty of crimes against the people penalty decided by the jury was $23,000.  The fact they shut down the Infringement Court itself was  nothing more than a computer. We were satisfied with that and no further action in relation to the fine of $23,000 was followed up.

Under the heading videos you will find  17 indictments. We set up a Grand Jury Court on the 3rd of July 2021 the Grand Jury consisted of 23 men and women. The conclusion was that the accused had a case to answer and therefore indicted 17 individuals.

The next step is to have a 12 man Jury we require  a  venue and of course we need your support.

The Common Law Court foundation needs funding in order to proceed to the next steps which is Law Enforcement.